Account payable software for SMBs

Easily manage, pay and reconcile all business bills

  • Pay any vendor by bank transfer or credit cards
  • Vendors can get paid either by ACH or check
  • Integrate Tola with QuickBooks or Xero
How Tola works
Easily add any business bill
Upload an invoice, forward it via e-mail, no manual entry needed.
Select a payment method
Pay bills by ACH or with a credit card, even if it’s not accepted.
Pay vendors how they want
Allow your vendors to select how to get paid, via ACH or check.
Reconcile with accounting
Sync all bills in real-time with QuickBooks or Xero.
Easily add and manage business bills in one place
Upload or email-forward all business bills and let Tola extract all the information, saving you time and giving you better accuracy and overview over all bills.
Get full payment flexibility, use any payment method
Pay vendors how you prefer and give them the flexibility to receive the money however they prefer, you only need their e-mail and Tola will do the rest.
Sync all data two-ways with your accounting software
Connect Tola to QuickBooks or Xero and sync all bill and vendor information so you don’t need to manually insert or reconcile anything.
Get more from AP software with Tola
Access working capital
Pay bills 30 to 90 days later or unlock capital in outstanding invoices.
Easy vendor onboarding
Collect payment details automatically from vendors by just adding their e-mail.
Share payments status
Easily share a payment link so your vendors know when their funds will arrive.
Setup approval workflows
Invite your team or accountants and easily set up rules and permissions.
Bill activity history
See an audit log and track all payment steps for bills and invoices.
External accountant access
Invite your external accountants or bookkeepers to help you.
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