Pay later with Tola

Sell first, pay suppliers 30 to 90 days later

  • Access working capital within bill pay
  • Get transparent and fixed fees
  • Pay buisiness bills 30 to 90 days later
How Pay later with Tola works
Get a Tola financing limit
Connect your bank and accounting accounts to Tola.
Upload or import a bill
Select a bill within limit that you want to pay later.
Tola pays the vendor today
Select when Tola pays the vendor so funds arrive by due date.
Pay back in 30 to 90 days
Decide when to pay back, 30 to 90 days later for a transparent flat fee.
Extend your payment terms by 30 to 90 days
Pay later with Tola will appear as another payment option when you are paying a bill. Tola will pay the vendor now, and you can pay back in 30 to 90 days.
Get transparent terms with simple and clear fees
Before paying later, you will be able to see how much you will pay in fees before you pay the bill. The repayment will be deducted automatically from your bank on the date.
Stay on top of your cash flow and get more purchasing power
When you connect your existing bank, accounting tools and use Tola to pay and get paid, you will always be able track and grow your dynamic limit for Pay later.
Get more from AP software with Tola
Pay all your business bills
Upload and pay any bill, select how you pay and you vendor gets paid.
Easy vendor onboarding
Collect payment details automatically from vendors by just adding their e-mail.
Share payments status
Easily share a payment link so your vendors know when their funds will arrive.
Setup approval workflows
Invite your team or accountants and easily set up rules and permissions.
Bill activity history
See an audit log and track all payment steps for bills and invoices.
External accountant access
Invite your external accountants or bookkeepers to help you.
Trusted by businesses across different industries
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